Skolkovo make it 2 from 2 regattas at ABC

The unstoppable Skolkovo sailing team continued where they had left off in Athens: winning six out of seven races on the waters of Le Havre, and also winning the onshore games: demonstrating impressive engineering skills.

The racing was in J80s, and in strong winds:  Friday’s sailing was delayed becaus they were too strong, and there were a number of races where spinnakers were banned.

INSEAD came home second, with the one win that Skolkovo couldn’t manage, 2 2nds, 2 3rds and a 5th, plus a third in the onshore games. HEC came in third, although level on points with INSEAD on the water.

There were 11 teams competing: Three from INSEAD, three from HEC, two from LBS, a combined LBS/MBS team and a team from Rotterdam joining the Skolkovo team on the water.

The action now moves on to the Cranfield regatta in the tidal currents of the Solent.

abc table

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