Global MBA Trophy

April, Microlimano, Piraeus, Greece

Global MBA Trophy 2018
Global MBA Trophy 2018©Nikos Alevromytis

The 2023 Global MBA Trophy Regatta will take place at Microlimano harbour in Piraeus, Greece on the 20- 23 April.

Hosted by London Business School since 2006, this is a high profile, international sailing event that brings together top business men and women from across the world – alumni and students of the world’s best business schools.

Not only a stimulating and exciting sailing experience over two days of races, but also a unique opportunity for networking, business exchanges and interesting debates attended by dignitaries from the business and Academic world.

Participants  race in two divisions:

Division A race one design Platu 25 racing boats. Crews of up to 6 people.  Accommodation is provided ashore.

Division B race 40ft+ Cruising boats tbc. Crews of 8 people.  Accommodation is available on the boats.


Arrive in Greece.
Boats available from 10:00. Boat check-in at Microlimano (A Div) or home marina (B Div). Evening cocktail party at Yacht Club of Greece’s magnificent clubhouse in the evening to welcome all sailors


1st day of races.  Breakfast, skippers briefing at Microlimano. Informal dinner for sailors and friends in the evening at local restaurant.

2nd day of races. Breakfast at Microlimano. In the evening, formal award ceremony at the clubhouse of the Yacht Club of Greece, with keynote speaker. Followed by formal dinner and entertainment.


Return home.

Previous Year Results

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