RSM MBA Regatta

The RSM MBA Regatta 2020

for the 11th edition of the regatta, The RSM Sailing Club returns once more to warm and sunny Porto.

The RSM MBA Regatta 2020 will be a three day event.

For further details, please check the website, however do let here is a high level programme of events:
Thursday, July 2nd, Fly in and Boat Check in with skippers briefing
Friday, July 3rd, First day of races
Saturday, July 4th, Second day of races and boat check out
Sunday, July 5th Hotel Check Out and Fly out

The ticket price of an A Division boat for a 5 people crew is 2875 EUR
Single spots are available on the website
Please check the website for further details.

The accommodation is the Novotel Porto Gaia close to the Sailing area.

Should you need any clarification or information, please, feel free to send them an email.

The team are happy to welcome you on board and look forward to meeting you in Porto!

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