How does the MBA League Champions points system work?

We do not want to get too involved with how each school decides it’s scoring system, so we simply take the results for the regatta from the school. We score from a lower is better viewpoint. If you are in first place, you get 1 point. If you are in last place of a 15 boat regatta, you get 15 points. If you did not participate in that regatta, then you get 16 points (this promotes schools’ participation in all regattas).  We then take all the points and sum them up.

When there are more than 5 regattas in a year, we take each team’s best 5 results only (so if there’s 6 regattas like there was in 2017, your worst score gets ignored)

Do we include Division B or secondary regatta results?

No. At the moment we are only including the scores from the primary regatta. We are open for ideas in how to include the division B or secondary regatta results.

We don’t like this point system, why not use…?

We are open to other point systems, so please provide some feedback or become more involved with us to make a better system that works for everyone. We have considered a “best 3 of 4” system but still feel a full sum provides the correct incentive for participation in all regattas.

Why is xx regatta not included in this league?

We are currently using the 7 most prominent MBA regattas in this scoring system. If you feel another regatta should be included. Please let us know.

Can I help make the MBA Sailing League better?

Of course you can. We could also use more help to make this league better. Please send us an email and let’s start talking.