Skolkovo MBA Trophy 2020 is cancelled

The organisers of the Skolkovo MBA Trophy have announced the cancellation of the regatta.
Skolkovo MBA Trophy 2020 cancellation due to COVID-19!
Skolkovo Sailing Team is very sad to inform you that Skolkovo MBA Trophy 2020(May 28-31, 2020) is now officially cancelled.
It was difficult decision for us but every regional government in the Russian federation has approved an order instituting a high-alert status due to the continuing spread of coronavirus infections. As a result, all schools and higher education institutions in Russia’s 83 federal subjects will be shifted to remote learning, and all public or athletic events have been cancelled. Moscow are going to close airports from the 30 of March too.
We would like to thank all of you for having registered! All registered Skolkovo MBA Trophy 2020 participants, who paid deposits, will be fully refunded!
We look forward to see all of you on Skolkovo MBA Trophy next time! We let you know about next Skolkovo MBA Trophy dates as soon as we will know it.
Thanks a lot for your understanding.
We wish you and your family health in this difficult time!
Your Skolkovo Sailing Team

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