Change to league calculations for 2017

Following a consultation among schools competing for the Sunsail MBA Global Sailing League, and following the expansion of the league to six events with the inclusion of the IE MBA Winter regatta, the way League is calculated has changed.

For the 2017 league, the scoring system is as follows:  For each regatta in which a school participates, they are awarded a score equal to their position in that regatta. If a school misses a regatta, they are awarded a score equal to the number of teams in that regatta plus one. The five lowest scores (from 6 regattas) for each team are added up, and the team with the lowest total is the league champion. If any two teams have the same score, the team which attended the fewer regattas is marked ahead.

Previously, the scores from all the regattas in the series were counted, without a discard.

The final league table for the 2017 season is shown here.

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