RSM MBA Regatta 2011 is in Lemmer, Friesland on August 19-21

This is the second edition of the RSM regatta, and here is what the organisers have asked us to pass on:

“Come and spend a sailing weekend this summer while networking with the RSM MBA community.

For more info, and to sign up, go to:, or email info@rsmsailing.

You do not need to be a certified sailor, all we need is your energy and enthusiasm to join your fellow MBA’s from other institutions or colleagues/classmates from the RSM community for an activity to be remembered.

This year RSM proudly presents the 2nd RSM Regatta in Lemmer.
Lemmer is an old Dutch town known for top watersport events in the Province of Friesland. In the summer, the town is busy with tourists both local and international. In this year’s regatta, the participants will fortunately be able to have a glimpse and be a part of a tradition: the championship of the annual IFKS Skûtsjesilen 2011

The weekend will start on Friday afternoon to get acquainted with your fellow crew and races will fill up your Saturday and half a day on Sunday.  There will be a BBQ event on Saturday evening, an opportunity to meet your fellow sailors in a casual atmosphere which will of course be followed by drinks and party for a fun Saturday night!  Prize giving ceremony will be held on Sunday afternoon.

So what are you waiting for?
Sailing season has started with a beautiful early spring weather this year in the Netherlands. Strong wind, real fun sailing.
Come and join us!”

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