About Us

As a coalition of European MBA programs our mission is to set up an MBA Sailing Championship encompassing the major yearly MBA sailing regattas. We aim to bring a centralised league between these regattas to organize yearly overall scoring, posting event information, event signups, post-event info and photos, selling of sailing equipment to event participants and cross regatta sponsorship. This website is a starting block for conversation regarding the MBA Sailing Championship. Please feel free to sign up and start posting information and making comments about the setup of this organisation.

The MBA Sailing League has been put together by alumni from various MBA programs including:

Rob Cotterill – LBS

Ryan Off – RSM

We are currently looking for a few other MBA Alumni to help out on the league. Please contact us if you are interested to help out.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Rob,

    What about creating a trophy for the each MBA event and the yearly winner of the ” MBA Sailing League”.

    I have been speaking about it with Michael Ring and he told me that Stelton could be interested in it ?

    What do you thing about it ?

    Best regards



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