Skolkovo are the 2015 Sunsail MBA Global Sailing League Champions

skolkovo logoMoscow’s Skolkovo School of Management, in only their second year participating in the Sunsail MBA Global Sailing League have emerged as champions.

Despite being unable to compete at the Rolex MBA’s Regatta in Santa Margharita Ligure, and so scoring a maximum 19 points for that regatta, their consistent first and second places in the other regattas of the season has meant that they out- score London Business School, whose joint seventh place in the Bocconi – organised regatta gives them 25 points to Skolkovo’s 24.

Skolkovo have taken the league by storm in 2015. where they were able to compete, they won in Athens, Le Havre and Medemblik, and were second to a local pro skipper in the Solent. Continue reading “Skolkovo are the 2015 Sunsail MBA Global Sailing League Champions”

London Business School Win the 2013 MBA Sailing League

London Business School have won the MBA Sailing League 182131_361050597296498_1517972939_n-e1344174985834for the second year in a row.  Despite their effective 16th place at the Rolex MBA’s Cup, and their main rivals INSEAD coming home in 7th equal, the INSEAD team could not overcome the handicap of not having sailed at the Cranfield regatta in July. INSEAD come second equal  for the second year in a row, with the Kellogg/WHU team their partners in second place. The top five are rounded out by Cranfield in 4th and Rotterdam in 5th, both there for the second year in succession.

INSEAD climb 2 places above Cranfield who didn’t compete in Italy.  EFPL climb 8 places to 6th, Manchester 7 places to 7th, and Tuck 6 places to 8th equal. Meanwhile Warwick, AUEB, Bath and Henley drop out of the top 10.

LBS won the league by winning at the Global MBA Trophy in Athens, Greece and the Cranfield Regatta in the Solent, UK. They came second at the ABC regatta, in Marseille, France and third at the RSM regatta in Lelystad, Netherlands. Continue reading “London Business School Win the 2013 MBA Sailing League”

LBS consolidate their leading position in the MBA Sailing League

182131_361050597296498_1517972939_n-e1344174985834London Business School’s first place at the Cranfield Regatta, along with the no- show from the start of the season’s main competitors, Insead, means that the London school extend their lead at the top of the league from 1 point to 6 points.  Insead, meanwhile drop from second to 5th equal, picking up a massive 21 points as they missed one of the season’s biggest regattas

Coming up strongly are Kellogg/WHU, who’s second place at Cranfield matches their second at the Global MBA Trophy in April.

Also climbing are Cranfield, who jump straight into the 2013 league table at 3, with their third place in their own regatta. The top 5 are rounded out by Exeter, who came 6th at Cranfield. Continue reading “LBS consolidate their leading position in the MBA Sailing League”

London Business School Stay top of the league

LBS-Sailing-LogoDespite INSEAD’s win at the ABC regatta,  London Business School’s second place keeps them at the top of the 2013 league, albeit with only 1 point seperating them from INSEAD.

The League table for 2013 only contains results from two regattas so far: the Global MBA Trophy and the Alumni Business Cup.

Kellogg/WHU, who were part of the “MBA Fastnet” team at the ABC, drop one place to third. AUEB also part of that team drop to fourth. HEC’s third place at the regatta means they come into the league in 5th place, level with Warwick, who missed the action in Marseille.

School LBS GMT Athens ABC Marseille TOTAL Position Number of Regattas change
LBS 1 2 3 1 2 =
Insead 3 1 4 2 2 +1
Kellogg/WHU 2 6 8 3 2 -1
AUEB 3 6 9 4 2 =
HEC/ Trium 8 3 11 5= 1 +3
Warwick 4 7 11 5= 1 -1
Rotterdam 6 6 12 7 2 -1
Columbia 8 6 14 8= 1 =
IE 7 7 14 8= 1 -1

London Business School Win the 2012 MBA Sailing League

London Business School, despite only managing 11th place in the Rolex MBAs Cup Regatta were only 2 places behind their main rivals, INSEAD, and so retained the lead in the 2012 MBA Sailing League to win the title for the second time.

INSEAD, with 9th place in the Bocconi regatta came second, while Bocconi, who were second in Santa Margharita came third.  Fourth and fifth places were claimed by Cranfield and Rotterdam – both with good showings in Italy. Continue reading “London Business School Win the 2012 MBA Sailing League”

London Business School Extend their lead

LBS registered a third place in the RSM Regatta, which together with their 5th place in Athens, 3rd place at Cranfield and 1st place at the ABC puts them 7 points clear of Insead at the top of the 2012 MBA Sailing League. London have 12 points, while Insead have 19 points.

If there are less than 20 teams competing in the Rolex MBA’s Cup, then the 2012 League title will go to one of these two schools:  There’s 20 points separating LBS and third place Leeds. Insead would need to beat LBS by 7 places or more at Santa Margharita to retain their MBA Sailing League title. Continue reading “London Business School Extend their lead”

London take over the top of the 2012 League

London Business School’s 3rd place in the Cranfield Regatta, along with their first place at the ABC and 5th in Athens means that they lead the 2012 MBA sailing league with two events still to come.  Insead drop from joint first to second, with their sixth place at Cranfield.

The 2012 league is made up of five events: the Global MBA Trophy, The ABC, The Cranfield Regatta, the RSM Regatta and the Rolex MBA’s Cup.

Cranfield winners Leeds and second place Cranfield take up 3rd and 4th spots in the league respectively, while Bocconi climb to 5th.

School LBS GMT Athens ABC La Trinite Sur Mer Cranfield TOTAL Position Number of Regattas change
LBS 5 1 3 9 1 3 =
Insead 3 3 6 12 2 3 -1
Leeds 7 14 1 22 3 1 +10
Cranfield 7 14 2 23 4 1 +9
Bocconi 1 13 9 23 5 3 +4 Continue reading “London take over the top of the 2012 League”

LBS and Insead share the top spot in the 2012 League

London Business School’s win at the ABC, combined with their 5th place in Athens means they are level on points with 2011 MBA Sailing League champions Insead after two events.

IMD’s second place in LA Trinite Sur Mer brings them into third place in the standings, three points behind the joint leaders. Fourth and fifth place go to ABC 5th & 6th place HEC and WU.

Meanwhile, Bocconi’s 13th place at the ABC means they fall down from the number 1 spot they occupied down to joint 9th, and MIP’s 11th place means they fall from 2nd to equal 6th.



School LBS GMT Athens ABC LA Trinite Sur Mer TOTAL Position Number of Regattas change
Insead 3 3 6 1= 2 +2
LBS 5 1 6 1= 2 +4
IMD 7 2 9 3 1 +4
HEC/ Trium 7 5 12 4 1 +3
WU 7 6 13 5 1 +2
MIP Milano 2 11 13 6= 2 -4
Rotterdam 6 7 13 6= 2 =
IE 7 7 14 8 1 =
Bocconi 1 13 14 9= 2 -8
Warwick 4 10 14 9= 2 -5
Kellogg/WHU 7 8 15 11 1 -4
Oxford Said 7 12 19 12 1 -5

The 2012 MBA Sailing League Table

For completeness,  here is the 2012 League table after one event:

Italians dominate as Bocconi are lying first and MIP second.


School LBS GMT Athens TOTAL Position Number of Regattas
Bocconi 1 1 1 1
MIP Milano 2 2 2 1
Insead 3 3 3 1
Warwick 4 4 4 1
LBS 5 5 5 1
Rotterdam 6 6 6 1 Continue reading “The 2012 MBA Sailing League Table”

Insead Win the 2011 MBA Sailing League

Despite only managing 4th in their class, which counts as joint 7th overall in the Bocconi – organised Rolex MBA’s Regatta, in Santa Margharita Ligure, Italy,  Insead stay top of the league, and so win the trophy for 2011.  Their closest competitors, and last year’s league champions, London Business School came in 7th in their class, 13th overall, while home team Boconni came third in their class – joint 5th overall. Bocconi oust LBS from their second place in the league.

Apart from their 7th in Italy, Insead’s league victory came with a  first place at the Cranfield regatta, third at the ABC regatta and 4th at the GMT regatta. Continue reading “Insead Win the 2011 MBA Sailing League”